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It's the User Account Control (UAC).

Start>Control Panel>User Account

There is one account on the machine, and it's an Administrator level
account, but the security protocols are stupid, and the administrator can't
access potentially harmful content. Anyhow, I figured out that if I disable
the UAC, then the machine will open Flash content.

"Jeff Strickland" <crwlrjeff(a)> wrote in message
> I'm having trouble running the Flash10 ActiveX add-on in a Vista/IE8
> environment. The page I want to display says "Done, but with errors," on
> the Status Bar, and the error report goes a bit deeper into programming
> than I know how.
> The error calls out a Line and Character in a java script file, but I
> don't know how to proceed.
> The screen display says DETECTING FLASH VERSION (or a similar message that
> has this meaning) if I go to the main page then click on the link to get
> the ActiveX content that I'm interested in. (If I follow a link sent by
> e-mail that goes straight to the page, then the screen is blank but the
> error, Done but with errors, is displayed on the status bar.)
> Where does the SWROBJECT.JS file belong, and if I can copy it from
> somewhere and copy it to my machine, where do I get it?

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