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Dear all,

I have been given the task of replacing the hardware we inherited from an outsourcing deal some time ago.

The live server is AIX 5.2 running Samba 2.0.7. The replacement server is running AIX 6.1 and GNU C compiler version 4.2.0-3. We are not licenced for the IBM C compiler. I have downloaded Samba 3.4.2 (as samba-latest.tar.gz via the site) and I'm stuck.

As a very basic user, I have twice had to use SWAT on the old server to adjust a share, but nothing else. You instructions in say to extract the tar file, then switch to the source directory (based on version 3.0.20). I have only got source3 & source4 extracted. When there, I'm asked to run the configure script. That helps, because source4 does not contain it, hence I plumped for source3 directory.

The script runs, and runs........ and after a meeting, I came back to find it complete with no obvious error message at the end. The next task in the install procedure appears to be to run the 'make' command. There is not a local one, so it picks the one in /usr/bin. The complains with:-

make: make 1254-025 There must be an existing description file or specify a target.

Can someone give me a pointer? Do I need to alter $PATH, $LIBPATH or something like that? Searching the whole machine for a random file mentioned as not found (readline.h) only revealed it below the untar-ed directory, i.e. /install_media/samba/samba-3.4.2/lib/replace/system/readline.h

I have attached the screen output from configure if that helps and the generated log file.

<< File: config.log-screen >> << File: config.log >>

As not being a C programmer, I'm not even sure what I should be looking for. Some files not found may be just fine, I suppose.

I have 900Mb free in the /install_media filesystem

Many thanks, in advance,



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