From: Robert Steinmetz AIA on
I may have a clue.

I have two servers running Samba 3.2.3, one as a Domain Controller one
as a Member Server.
Both are running Ubuntu 8.10. smbd, nmbd and winbindd using the tdb back
end are running on both.

On the Member Server when I access the [Projects] share everything works
as expected. When I access the [Windows] share I get prompted for a user
name and password but no combination works
If I comment out the "force group" then [Windows] mostly works but not
there are issues with one application which will gives error indication
it cant create files.

I have begun looking in the various .tdb files and have found that there
is no entry for the [Windows] share in share_info.tdb

root(a)louise:/var/lib/samba# tdbtool
tdb> open share_info.tdb
tdb> keys
key 15 bytes: SECDESC/Hamlet
key 18 bytes: SECDESC/Recovered
key 14 bytes: SECDESC/Sigma
key 14 bytes: SECDESC/Vault
key 15 bytes: SECDESC/Office
key 16 bytes: SECDESC/Testing
key 13 bytes: INFO/version
key 17 bytes: SECDESC/Projects

The question now is how do I add a record and why isn't it there?
I did discover that tdb-tools package was missing from this server (or
had been removed or disables). I had to add it back.
Robert Steinmetz, AIA
Steinmetz & Associates
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