From: Nick Couchman on
I have a Windows NT4 domain that I'm considering migrating to Samba. It has three domain controllers, all of which are WINS servers, about 350 computers and around 250 users. It also has a trust relationship with an Active Directory domain. I'd be migrating to three Samba servers backed by LDAP and only one of them running WINS. I'm using the net rpc vampire method described in the Samba Guide. My concerns are the following:
- Make sure trust relationship carries over without problems.
- Machine accounts - I don't want to have to rejoin all the computers to the domain.
- Single WINS Server

I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with this - configurations similar to this, etc. - and what problems you ran into, how you solved them, etc. My main concern is that it's a hard cutover - I can't have both the NT4 and Samba systems running in live mode concurrently, so I have to shut down the old and hope the new works correctly. I'm also concerned about a single WINS server being sufficient.

Thanks for any input!

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