From: Matias Morawicki on
Hi again, I´ve made some advances in the quest to see the samba server in
win network neighborhood.

As I said in my last email we have a fresh Debian install running side by
side with a ubuntu box with the same smb.conf (simple share) and the ubuntu
would show up in the neighborhood while the debian wouldn´t...

So, I started wondering whether it could be a hardware issue. Swaped nics
and nothing new... so, what is different in this 2 basic sambas... the
debian has fixed IP and is the DHCP server, and the ubuntu, as well as the
win clients, gets its IP from the debian DHCPd...

so, for the sake of debuging, plugged a TPlink router with DHCP server and
changed the debian box to get its IP from DHCP, same as the others... and
voila! they are all in the neighborhood!!!

so, can anyone point me into a specific chapter of samba docs to sort this
what is it with fixed IP? is it a name resolution issue?

thanx a million for any tips!!!

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