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Hi every one, I'm testing Samba4 with the guide posted on the wiki, all
our tests results ok but one of them crash:

Group Policy works ok on a new organizational unit in deploy security task
over desktop users but when i create a new user over this ou, with the
dsa.msc group policy > Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Security
Settings > Account Policies > Password Policy > Password must need
complexity requirement set as "Not defined" but when dsa.msc asks you about
the new password of the user it answer that you need to meet this
restrictions, this can be avoid with the linux samba command net newuser
... but what does happen when a user is asked about to change your password
because password age is next to expire ...

Our goal is to replace all windows XP desktops to ubuntu desktops but we
have a number of desktops that is not possible to change XP so we need to
implement an AD alternative and Samba 4 is perfect, with group policy
support now.

Thanks a lot in advance to all of you

Santiago Pérez Agra
Concello de Pontevedra

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