From: Eddy Sturg on
Hey folks,

New to the list - and I hope this isn't a dumb question.

I am in the process of revamping the way we authenticate to our Linux
servers. Moving away from pam_ldap and pam_nss, in favor of winbind and
pam_nss. The reason for this is that I feel winbindd does a better job of
failing over from a unavailable authentication server than pam_ldap.

In any case - I have it all working well on CentOS 5.4, but my only delimma
is how to prevent unwanted users from logging onto servers. Using pam_ldap
we would use the pam_filter option in ldap.conf to define who we wanted to
allow to login using an LDAP attribute.

Is there a setting in smb.conf or some other winbind mechanism for defining
who is allowed to login?

Note - this should include not only console, but ssh and any other service
that uses the system-auth PAM.

Many thanks in advance,

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