From: Chris Smith on
Just upgraded a Samba PDC from 3.0.32 to 3.5.1. The good news - it is
running - the bad news - probably on life support.

All seemed well until I started getting messages on some Windows
clients that the domain was not available - if your credentials were
not cached you could not log in - if they were everything seemed to

The test:
nmblookup -B BIGSERVER __SAMBA__

failed (yes, I replaced BIGSERVER with the proper PDC name)

The test:
nmblookup -M testgroup

also failed.

But if your credentials were cached, you could login, the netlogon
scripts would run, the shared directories and printers were

A restart makes everything right (the tests above will produce correct
info and the domain will be available) - for anywhere from a few
minutes to an hour or so but at some point samba will lose its head
and the domain will be unavailable.

Assistance is greatly appreciated.
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