From: Hubert Choma on
I need a description how to move painlessly samba from one system to
another without re-adding to the domain windows clients. Currently, I
have samba Version 3.0.28a-1.fc7
on Fedora 7 and I want to move it on CentOS 5.5 As far as the server
hardware remains the same. In addition to changing the system i would
like to change new disks and add a new 3ware 9650SE Raid controller
(samba will operate in RAID 5 )

My questions:
- How to move a painless system that do not add clients to the domain
- Domain must have the same SID
- Which file system will be more efficient for the samba (3TB
partition), ext3, ext4, xfs?
- Whether the version of samba in Centos 5.5 is compatible with windows
7 (standard centos 5.5 repos)
- If I make raid volumes(3ware controller) with installed centos 5.5 on
the another motherboard (gigabyte EG41MF-US2h) and configure samba and
bring it along with the disks to intel server motherboard linux will
start ??

Installation and configuration on the test machine will shorten the time
necessary to migrate.

Please help

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