From: Sze on
I had create a lot of report in myTesting server.
the SQL server named 'SQL-001'

however, my client's SQL server is another name ,
now, I can't preview the report after publish the to it server,

Any simple method to solve it ?
I don't want to re-write all the report under their server.
Thanks a lot

From: Zhi-Qiang Ni[MSFT] on
Hi Sze,

Based on my understanding, you are facing the problem to get the data from
the client SQL Server after you publish the report to the server. If I have
misunderstood you, please feel free to let me know.

A simple way to solve this issue is to modify the data connection string in
the config file if you saved it there before. Just try to comment out the
original one and add a new connection string based on the SQL Server domain
and name of the client server. You may get the report to work again.
Zhi-Qiang Ni
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