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> What a shame. So many images ruined by too shallow DOF and eye-offending
> artificial lighting. I shoot many macro images of small insects in flight
> in available light alone, handheld, without all that DOF blur and garish
> fake lighting. I was just browsing through one folder of mine where in only
> one afternoon I amassed about 150 tight macro shots of bees hovering near
> their intended flower-targets. And who hasn't shot a bird coming in for a
> landing before? Or similarly a crane flipping a fish into the air and
> capturing a shot of it just before the catch. Or an osprey making its
> catch. He spent FOUR DAYS to get that shot of the osprey making its catch?
> I got about 15 like that in 2 hours one casual afternoon by just sitting
> around where some ospreys were fishing, no elaborate camouflage hide
> required. (One was especially clumsy and kept dropping his catch, no doubt
> a juvenile learning its trade.) The osprey could have cared less if I was
> there, they were focused on getting their dinners. This guy's just a
> talentless tech-head cityboy hack. ZERO talent.
> Totally unimpressed.

I think some of them are pretty cool. The fact that he did most of
them in a studio is, IMO, kind of strange but pretty impressive for
the technical side of it. Not that you would bother, but would you be
able to set up some of those shots?