From: ray on
On Wed, 21 Jul 2010 14:00:07 +0000, Robert Montgomery wrote:

> Are there any compact, lightweight cameras that have both a good
> telephoto capability (i.e. ten times zoom) and a viewfinder?
> I can find compact, lightweight cameras with ten times zoom, and compact
> lightweight cameras with viewfinders.
> But I have yet to find a camera that has all of these characteristics: •
> compact
> • lightweight
> • has at least a seven times zoom lens AND • has a viewfinder.
> I can hardly see the image on the monitors of cameras on sunny days
> because of all the light and glare – both in shooting mode and playback
> mode.
> It seems to me that any camera lacking a viewfinder is a camera for
> amateurs. And I don't understand why even amateurs wouldn't be bothered
> by this problem.
> I can't understand why consumers don't demand viewfinders.
> I was even told by a clerk at a photography store that viewfinders are
> less frequent on the new cameras!
> Robert

Look at an EVF. And keep in mind that 'compact' and 'long zoom' are, to a
large extent, contradictory.