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"smr930" wrote:

> My computer's also having the same problem. My verizon installation CD
> wouldn't work and the same error screen comes out. Did you find out a
> solution to a problem? Would you like to tell me?
> smr930

Are you chatting to yourself or what you are talking about?.
What version of window you have and how old the CD software, you may need to
send to the ISP to get more up2date software with better installer!.
Meanwhile try this:
Clear your caches, internet files and cookies by doing this:
1= Click start >> Control Panel >> Double Click Network and Internet
Connections >> Double click Internet Options, on the IE Properties window
you will see these Options:
General | Security | Privacy | Content | Connections | Programs
| Advanced .

Click on General Tab (1st Tab on the left) and you will see a Button called
[ Clear History ..] click on it to clear your History caches, then click on
[Delete Files..] to delete Internet Files created over the time, click on [
Delete Cookies...] to delete your cookies left by visiting websites.

Then Run Disk clean up on your Hard Drive to do that follow this:
Double click MY Computer Icon ( if it is on your Desktop, if not click Start
>> My Computer) then right click your partition (C:\ :local drive) and
select properties.
On the Drive properties click Disk cleanup.
Open a run command and type in:
sfc /scannow click [OK] and get your XP CD handy you may be prompted to do
so by the system.
Reboot your machine and try the installation, always be sure your computer
is clean from malwares and run health check and look for a serious error in
the event viewer that can shed some lights on the cause or culprit.
Let us know.