From: John H Meyers on
On Fri, 22 Jan 2010 23:16:16 -0600, EricF wrote:

> Did you used to work on Eudora?

Only as my main mail program, for well over a decade; after that much time,
it's difficult to have avoided accidentally learning some of what it does :)

I also have access to some secret "cheat codes," such as:

o The searchable PDF manual that comes with it :)

More at:

o The built-in "Help"
(which is all copied from the manual, anyway)

o All the tech support info, tutorials, etc. on
(still maintained by Qualcomm, and searchable via Google etc.)

o All the info ever posted on forums at
(also searchable in the same ways, and still active)

o All the newsgroup discussion ever posted to comp.mail.eudora.*
(both ms-windows and mac), searchable via

o Eudora mailing lists at
(where Katrina still writes an entire book on Eudora, almost every day :)

o Google for anything that isn't on above sites
(e.g. everyone's ISP server info :)

o Try things while actually using the program,
including looking through the settings and built-in tools.

o Ask any kid -- they all know everything, anyway :)

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