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"Robin Walker [MVP]" wrote:

> duras <duras(a)> wrote:
> > I get the following error when running Windows Update and getting
> > installation failure for Security Update for Microsoft .NET Framework,
> > Version 2.0 (KB917283):
> > Installation Failure
> > Error Code: 0x643
> Before making a new post, it would be wise to search this newsgroup for
> similar posts already with solutions. If you search this forum for 917283
> you will see scores of posts, some with ideas for fixes.
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> Robin Walker [MVP Networking]
> rdhw(a)
Hello Robin>

How do I get on if my OS won't even recognise .Net 2.0? It's definitely on
the machine, but isn't listed in the Add/Remove programs, so obviously it
isn't registered. I have downloaded the distributable package netfx64.exe,
which is the correct one for my OS (Vista X64), but when I try to run it, I
get an error message saying that .Net 2.0 is already installed as part of my
OS. I'm totally stuck. I need .net 2.0 to be able to run Pinnacle Media
Centre. Any suggestions which might help me would be much appreciated, as
this is driving me crazy.