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Amoruso3 wrote:
> I have downloaded and installed this update at least a dozen times.
> It keeps telling me to install new update when I click on the
> little icon on the task bar. It shows I have installed and it goes
> thru the whole thing all over again. How many times do I have to
> install this!?

CBClark4 wrote:
> If I wanted to research every time something went wrong with my OS
> I would have installed Fedora for free. People pay good money for
> these MS products and get nothing but these kinds of response for
> asking for help.

Welcome to the microsoft.public.windowsupdate *public* and *peer-to-peer*
newsgroup. Here you can ask questions and hope someone else has had the
same experience as you and might be able to assist you with whatever plagues
you with your computer.

This is not frequented by Microsoft employees, nor should you expect this to
be the help you paid 'good money' for (there's bad money that you pay for
things with?)

If you want assistance direct from Microsoft (the people you think you paid
'good money' to) you should do so. Contact Microsoft directly with your
issue instead of posting on a *public* and *peer-to-peer* newsgroup. ;-)

By the way - you responded to the original poster (OP) of this particular
conversation. You assume (unknowingly) that everyone that will ever see
this will see the same thing you do (an entire conversation) and that is
*not* the way these things work. Here is an archived indefinitely copy of
this conversation, which can be viewed in a 'tree view', so you can see how
the conversation progressed. One thing usually noticed is that the OP
rarely returns with more input and/or further questions and/or even a

Link I spoke of:

So - do you need assistance?

Did you notice that when I posted my "Done any research?" query - I also
followed it up with a direct link to the "How to get support from Microsoft"
information and quoted it in case one might be worried about following links
on a web page. I also pointed out other places one might be able to get
similar help for their issue.

If you don't like the help - *shrug* - you don't even seem to be the OP.

Shenan Stanley
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