From: david on
Been off for a couple of days, and when I come back, our (not critical)
internal web server is off line. Everything returns: Service Unavailable.

Looking at the event log, I can see that when the "World Wide Web Publishing
Service" is restarted (on Windows Server 2003), I get event 2269 from

"The worker process failed to initialize the http.sys communication or the
w3svc communication layer and therefore could not be started. The data field
contains the error number."

The data field is 57880780

I've checked "Bypass Traverse Checking", which seems to be the most common
problem, and it's ok: Everyone, Users.

Also, I get 5 Identical errors, which seems to indicate that I am getting
one event for each of the 5 web sites: "Default Web Site", "Microsoft
SharePoint Administration", "WSUS Administration", etc.

I can create a new virtual directory with no security, and I still can't get
to it. Still "Service Unavailable"

I'm starting to think that perhaps IIS may have been damaged, rather than a
permission error.

Any suggestions?