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Hi Guys,
I have a D-LinkG640T ADSL modem router, and an ASUS WL_167G USB WLAN Adaptor
,had them for around a year now,long time I know but I don't really
understand how to set them up, I tried to set it up but couldn't get the USB
adaptor to connect and it said the network was unsecured, I really would
appreciate some help and advice, although it would probably easy for some
people, not for me, but am willing to learn. I thought that the best way to
set it up would be WPA PSK mode.What I don't understand is the following:

A There are 2 types of security to be selected. To secure your Wireless
WEP: Make sure that all wireless devices on your network are using the same
encryption level and key. WEP keys must consist of the letters "A" through
"F" and the numbers "0" through "9."
802.1x:WPA RADIUS uses an external RADIUS server to perform user
authentication. To use WPA RADIUS, enter the IP address of the RADIUS
server, the RADIUS Port (default is 1812) and the shared secret from the
RADIUS server.
PSK: Is a special mode of WPA for home users without an enterprise
authentication server and provides the same strong encryption protection.To
use WPA Pre-Shared Key, enter a password in the WPA Shared Key field between
8 and 63 characters long.

These are the wireless settings for the AP(Access Point) Portion.
Enable AP
Channel: 1234567891011 1213
Security: None WEP WPA
Group Key Interval: ????
Note: Group Key Interval is shared by all WPA options.
802.1x Server IP Address:
PSK Hex Hex: ????
PSK String String: ????

Hery I do appreciate your time and advice, I know you probably have been
asked before about this, but looked on various web pages to no avail.

Thanks and Regards