From: Jack on
Error Code: 0xC000041D
Config: Use MFC in a Shared DLL
OS: Win7 Ultimate
IDE Set: VS2008 SP1

I don't know why when I run a program which is written for MFC Shared
DLL, 0xC00041D will come up. It is in the crtmbox.c file saying
there is something wrong with the callback.
if(dpfnGetProcessWindowStation && dpfnGetUserObjectInformation)
if (NULL == (hwinsta = (dpfnGetProcessWindowStation)()) ||
(hwinsta, UOI_FLAGS, &uof, sizeof(uof), &nDummy) ||
(uof.dwFlags & WSF_VISIBLE) == 0)
fNonInteractive = TRUE;


I installed full vs2008 and i know that I have the mfc90d.dll somewhere
in my installation venue. Any other probable causes and remedies for
this problem?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!