From: Victoria on
Using Outlook 2007 on Exchange Server

We have a shared department calendar which the "owner" had colored using
categories. I have read that you can't share categories, but that I can
create a custom view and use automatic formatting to color code the
appointments. However, I believe I'm just not understanding the procedures.

1) How do you “load” a custom view?
2) How do you color code appointments using automatic formatting?

1) Created calendar as a new folder under the mailbox, not as a sub folder
of the default calendar.
2) Gave users access to calendar by granting Reviewer permission to
Mailbox, then to the calendar.
3) Copied the Day/Week/Month view and gave it a new name “Day/Week/Month –
Shared”, selected Can Be Used on This Folder Visible to Everyone.
4) Selected Automatic Formatting to color code based on a specific category.
5) Exited Outlook.

Then I went to a Reviewers computer.
1) Switched to Calendar view of the Navigation Pane.
2) Loaded the shared calendar.
3) Clicked on Views, the Day/Week/Month – Shared view did not appear.
4) Switched to Folder View of the Navigation Pane
5) Clicked on Mailbox and waited for the Today pane to load.
6) Switched back to Calendar view, hit Send/Receive.
7) The Day/Week/Month – Shared view appeared but wasn't coloring the
8) Checked the view and the automatic formatting was correctly set up, but
it still didn't color.

What am I doing wrong? Also, it appears that as I was switching back and
forth through different screens, folder view, calendar view and back,
sometimes the custom view would show when I returned to calendar view and
sometimes it wouldn't.