From: Kevin Rains on
I have a strange problem that started happening a month or two ago.
Periodically my Vista and Win7 users are getting a sharing violation in
Excel 2003 when attempting to save the file they have been working on. The
file cannot be saved when this happens, but Excel creates a copy of the file
that is named (seemingly randomly) something like "10D8D000" that can be
saved to another filename. Essentially the original file must be deleted
and the new file renamed back to what the original file was named. This is
obviously very irritating (we use Excel alot), so I was wanting to get this
sorted ASAP. After researching this quite a bit a few weeks ago, I thought
I had found the answer. I found that quite a few people were reporting this
problem, and the main culprit seemed to be real-time scanning of various
anti-virus programs. I also found references to Windows Desktop Search and
Windows Defender as being possible sources of this problem. Since these
workstations have no real-time anti-virus, I knew that that wasn't it, so I
disabled the real-time scanning of Windows Defender on these machines. After
doing this, the problem seemed to go away, so I thought I had found the
answer. The only problem is, I still have one Win7 machine that is still
producing these errors (even with Windows Defender real-time scanning
disabled). Could the Windows Search built into Win7 be causing this? If
so, does anyone have an idea about what to do about it?

The strange thing is that I have had Vista machines on this SBS2008 network
now for almost a year now and this problem never happen before a couple of
months ago. This is an accounting firm that uses Excel constantly, so it
seems weird that all of a sudden these errors started popping up. This
problem has shown up on at least 5 different workstations (maybe more) and
one common denominator between them all is SBS 2008. Could an update of
some sort be the root of all this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


P.S. I posted this problem over on
last week and microsoft.public.excel.crashesgpfs yesterday and have yet to
have any responses, so I thought I would try here. Thanks.