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How to map the string to string in array?
Hello, dear all, I find the array in the bash only allow the index type to be NUMBER, such as array[0]="A"; array[1]="B"; But I have the requirement that to map the string to string, but this was forbidden in the bash array. What I want like this: # array["AA"]=1; # array["BB"]=2; # array["CC"]=3; # e... 31 Jan 2007 17:10
find: missing argument to `-exec'
Hi, I get "find: missing argument to `-exec'" for the following command but I don't know how to fix: find /other/path ! -group grp -exec ln -s {} dest + please help. thanks -- Tong (remove underscore(s) to reply) -- Posted via a free Usenet account from http://www.... 6 Dec 2006 04:25
bc vs calc (was bc precision)
Does anyone have any comments on bc vs calc (my favorite calculator program)? Thanks, Dave Feustel ... 30 Nov 2006 09:20
Ambiguous output redirect
My script creates the directory named after the current month that I extract from the date but I get an error message. Any help would be greately appreciated. Janet Heath _________________________________________________________________________________ # /usr/bin/move_mereports # move month-end reports to ... 9 Nov 2006 11:06
"at" commond
Hi, I have a script that runs with arguemet like this, ../tstop.ksh arg1 then I want to schedule it with another script: #!/usr/bin/ksh #This is the schedule script, schedule.ksh at now + 15 minutes ./tstop.ksh $1 when I run ../schedule.ksh some_Arguement it gives error. I cannot run "at" command... 15 Sep 2006 13:42
newbie qn: shell program to copy files from one directory on the server to a remote windows machine on the same network
I am stuck guys. may you help with how to program a linux shell script that copies files/folder from the local file system to another location on the local machine or a remote windows machine. additionally, this might need to be a cron task that runs once every week. thanx in advance!! ... 2 Sep 2006 06:14
Run a PL SQL Package from a shell script
Hi i am new to unix shell scripting , I was successful in executing a shell script that displays records of a table. I want to execute a PL SQL package. This is how I tried. in scrip1.ksh But executing the below i get an error "unknown SET option" echo "set serveroutput on\nset timing on\execute Package.Procedu... 2 Sep 2006 18:24
Sed Find and Replace Multiple Files
I'm trying to do search/replace on multiple text files. I'm using the following script: #!/bin/sh USAGE=`basename $0` USAGE=$USAGE' <PATTERN> <SUBSTITUTE> <FILES PATH>' if test $# -lt 3 then echo "-I-: $USAGE" exit 1 fi PATTERN=$1 shift SUBSTITUTION=$1 shift for i; do mv $i $i.old; sed -e 's... 25 Aug 2006 01:54
export var in case statement
Can someone please tell me you this case statement is not exporting my environment variables? #!/usr/bin/ksh if [ $# -ne 2 ] then echo echo Usage: \. SID VERS echo exit 1 fi ORACLE_SID=$1 ORACLE_VERS=$2 case "$ORACLE_VERS" in '9.... 6 Apr 2006 13:19
Passing shell variable to awk that contains spaces
Here's my script: #!/bin/bash # $1 source file # $2 timestamp that defined the start of the search srcFile=$1 filterTsp=$2 echo Source File: $srcFile echo TSP Filter: $filterTsp nawk -F'[|]' '/'$filterTsp'/,/OSBtelEndSession/' $srcFile The file is executed with the following variables: ../extra... 16 Jan 2006 05:12
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