From: ianggjames on
This is an undocumented Microsoft "feature" which occurs because (as the help
facility will tell you) you can only use one signature in an email. It
generally happens if you have default signatures set up. If you create a new
email or reply to an email, your default or response signature is inserted
automatically. If you then delete that, type in some text and insert a
different signature, Outlook has not registered that you have deleted a
signature, so it takes your text as being a signature - and replaces it with
the new one! Clever, eh?

"Oblong2006" wrote:

> We are using Outlook 2007 and on occasion inserting a signature will
> completely overwrite the text of the email. Undo will recover the text but it
> then has to be copied to a new email to get the signature to work properly.
> Have checked the signatures for extra spacing or blank lines but nothing
> looks out of place. It's only intermittent but is happening across a number
> of users. Running XP and both that and Outlook are patched up to date.
> Any ideas?