From: Tim Roberts on
CM <cmpython(a)> wrote:
>How is this preferable to a macro recorder?

Macro recorders work by measuring mouse motion and capturing click
locations, or by recording the control IDs of the clicked windows. The
former is sensitive to changing window locations, the latter to application

Sikuli works by using image analysis to locate the regions on the screen to
be tickled. It's a novel idea, although others have correctly pointed out
that it's not the most efficient way to automate applications.
Tim Roberts, timr(a)
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From: alex23 on
Tim Roberts <t...(a)> wrote:
> it's not the most efficient way to automate applications

Sikuli doesn't seem that much different from Python in this way: it
may not be the most efficient use of the computer's time, but I dare
say it's significantly less demanding on the end user's.

I can see Sikuli easily progressing to a full visual programming
interface, replacing the 'click' keyword et al with iconic

Simple "script-less" GUI macro-ing for the masses? Fantastic.