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>> >> ... the correct flag for English is of course
>> >> the Cross of St George.
>> >I did actually consider this. But many international users would not make
>> >the connection. As far as that goes, the UK flag is more widely used on
>> >the web to denote the English language. But since my web-site is written
>> >in Quebec English, it makes more sense to use the American flag.
>> You should be able to use both. �But Wales, for which you have a flag,
>> is part of the UK. �England is the only major part of the UK which has
>> no surviving active indigenous language other than English.
>I've heard about the Northumbrian (Tyneside region of England) dialect
>called 'Geordie'.

A dialect is not a language. Spoken Geordie is just English peculiarly
pronounced with a few local words. Educated Geordies write in normal

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