From: Dawn on
Been trying to rebuild my instant search index after it appeared to get
screwed up. It's now indexing, but it's very slow. Outlook 2007, Windows
Vista. We have an independent contractor for IT, He turned off some of my
addins to try to increase the speed, but has assured me the indexing speed
seems fine. Seeking second opinions.

1) The high number on the index count was about 36,000 items. It's been
running all day and overnight for two and half days, and says it it has
18,000 items left to index. Does this index speed seem reasonable, or does
it suggest there is some kind of problem?

2) I have all my archive folders closed, so it's just indexing my current
mailbox folders. I counted 11,551 total items in all my folders. Does it
make sense that Outlook thinks it has 36,000 items to index?

3) I sent/received about 117 emails yesterday, but the index count seems to
jump up by thousands. For instance, at one point yesterday it said it had
14,000 items left to index. Now it's back up to 18,000.