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After a lot of attempts I finally found a solution that worked for me to
solve this error message that appears when you try to access another pc
or laptop on your mixed xp home / xp pro home network. There were a lot
of solutions on all kinds of sites including this one, but none of them
worked for me except the steps below. Hope this helps someone out!

1) Open Network Connections

2) Right click the wired or wireless connection you use to access the
internet (for example, I use "Wireless Network Connection")

3) Select "Properties"

4) Select "install" then "protocol" then "add"

5) From the list select "microsoft tcp/ip version 6" and add it

6) Again select "install" then "protocol" then "add"

7) From the list select "NWLink IPX/SPX/NetBIOS compatible transport
protocol" and add it

8) Press OK or close

9) Go to the "advanced" menu at the very top of the network connections
window (6th menu along)

10) Select "advanced settings"

11) Select the connection you use to connect to the internet

12) Under "file and printer sharing" tick tcp/ip 6 and nwlink. untick
any others

13) Under "client" tick tcp/ip 6 and nwlink. untick any others

14) do steps 1 to 13 on all computers on your network

15) restart all computers

16) for me at least (running two laptops both with xp pro, and one
desktop with xp home) all computers can now see each other and access
shared folders and printers with no problems at all. no warning
messages, no delays!

Hope this works for you as quickly as it worked for me, I've seen this
solution nowhere else on the web.


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