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Just thought I would update...

After making the suggest changes by Armin Zingler, I was able to track the
error do a DLL from a component that was the problem.

I looked into it, and the license.txt file had an entry for the dll that was
not the same version as the dll i was using. I deleted those entries, and
re-installed the component, remove and recreated the setup project, and all
was fine..


"AussieRules" <nospam(a)> wrote in message
> Hi,
> I am able to run my application on my development machine with no
> problems.
> When I compile and install the application on the brand new computer, I am
> unable to start the application as it crashes.
> To try and work out the problem, i put as the very first line in my main
> form load event to just show a message box.
> The installed application crashs before the dialog box is shown, so I
> don't know how to debug as its crashing before any of my code starts..
> I have to get this sorted this weekend, so any advice or tips would be
> taken with huge thanks...