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Dan wrote:
> I'm the server administrator for a small business and I have one app pool
> that is very problematic. There is one web site in the app pool that
> receives some pretty heavy usage (40-50k visitors a day). However, the
> server has specs that I'm sure should be able to handle it, and was handling
> it well until a couple of months ago. Ever since then, we've had nothing but
> problems. The app pool hangs frequently - typically around every 20 minutes
> or so, if that.
> <SNIP>

Your server seems to have ISAPI_Rewrite installed, and the thread
running it is displaying an interactive dialog box (perhaps an error)
and waiting for a response. You might see the dialog if you log in to
the server console session but then again you might not.

It *might* be this problem that is causing the rest of the ASP threads
to pile up waiting for ISAPI_Rewrite to respond.

If you need this particular filter, see if there is a newer version than
the one you currently have.

Alternatively I could be completely wrong :-) It's worth looking at anyway.


Chris M.

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