From: NoOp on
On 07/09/2010 09:54 AM, Jeff Bankston wrote:
> Greetings.
> I am using OOo v3.2 in Ubuntu Linux, and have a strange problem with
> TOCs. No matter how many times I set it and save, the TOC only ever
> evaulates the TOC contents to 1 level. I can increase the level to 3
> where I normally use it, the TOC properly expands out to 3 levels, but
> this setting is never retained between sessions of opening and closing
> Writer.
> Any suggestions as to how to troubleshoot this?
> Platform is Ubuntu Karmic.

OOo 3.2 from or from an launchpad PPA?
PPA meaning something like this?

Can you provide the output of:

$ locate versionrc
$ cat /usr/lib/openoffice/program/versionrc

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