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Hi, I first want to thank you about this great project, it is an honest
solution to the very pricy office suites offered on the market.
I am used with Microsoft Office and, as a university student, I loooove One
Note. It would be great if you would develop a software of this kind (I
know, the to-do list is already very long...).
It is light to load, no need to save it (it saves automatically), you can
copy-paste images, graphs, text, from another document, from the web or from
another page. We can draw directly on the page (though one problematic : the
drawing doesn’t follow the text if we add text… you could make it that way).
Easy keyboard shortcuts to make tables and lists automatically. No complex
formatting. Simple styles that we could program for titles. We can slide the
page from one file to another, or to change the order. We can set the page
to automatic size or to standard print sizes, and a plugin to save it to
pdf, etc.
Thank you and I wish you a great continuity on your project!

Marie Neige Guérin
Technicienne agricole, U of Guelph
Étudiante en Géographie Environnementale, U de Montréal