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Mod Bod wrote:
> Glennbo wrote:
>> In news:4abebe23$0$23939$9a6e19ea(a) the killer
>> robot Mod Bod <modbod(a)> grabbed the controls of the
>> spaceship and pressed these buttons...
>>> As I said in the TT forum, I cannot accept that not one betatester or
>>> Cakewalk Q&A employee had a 64 bit setup and a copy of one of the
>>> most popular entry level drum samplers (EZdrummer) available so they
>>> didn't know there was a problem. My BS meter is pegging. Someone is
>>> either inept or not telling all they know.
>> Rogue mentioned that bitbridge is an outsourced item. Is that true,
>> or was he thinking of jbridge?
> All I can say is that I can confirm that Rogue said that. He was not
> speaking of Jbridge.
As a favor, don't unload that at Cakeworld. It's all being handled and
there's no sense in stirring the ant pile.

Dave (Mod Bod) Modisette
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