From: Dwade on
I have a database for surplus material. As part of how it works a department
surpluses material, single item or multiple items. So I broke the surplus
into 2 parts. Surplus Transfer (SurplusTransfer_TBL) , where the surplus
transfer is a unique number, and the second linked table is a listing
(SurplusListing_TBL) of all the materials that may be on that transfer. The
link is the transfer number but the primary key is the item number/counter
(field name ItemID), autonumbered. As part of the transfer listing there is a
field for a item status, ie. available, donated, salvaged, dumped, or
missing. This field is a lookup to a ItemStatus_Table which contains only
those values. The form and subform work fine these.

I then have donations. Broken into two tables. Donation Transfer
(DonationTransfer_TBL) This table contains all the information on who the
material is being transfered to. Primary key is the autonumber DonationID.

The second table is Donation Listing which lists all the material being
donated. (DonationListing_TBL) It links to the DonationTransfer_TBL through
the DonationID field. It uses a lookup to the SurplusListing_TBL to collect
the ItemID and display the item description.

I have a form and subfrom. The main form fills in the DonationTransfer_TBL
the subfrom fills in the DonationListing_TBL. This works fine and is a
continuous form it works well.

I need to add another sub form to update the ItemStatus in the the table
SurplusListing_TBL. I built a simple form with only the item status being

A few things happen. 1 I can no longer have a continuous form. and 2. the
item status is not locked to the ItemID. As well it doesn't accept data
though the lookup appears selecting doesn't update the field, using table
doesn't exit the subform and go back to the item listing.

I hope this is clear. I know this can be done easily without VBA code or
marco's I've seen some examples I just don't understand it.