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>I am currently running WinXP Home Edition Version 2002 with Service
>Pack 3 on
> an ASUSTeK laptop with 1.5GHz and 504MB of RAM and had some recent
> problems
> after installing AVG anti virus. I decided to restore my system to an
> earlier
> point when I had Norton Anti-Virus software installed and the system
> was
> still running smoothly. When I tried to restore the system, the system
> crashed and I had to turn off the laptop and restart manually. I have
> since
> been unable to run System Restore to undo the restoration or choose
> another
> restore point (it will not open no matter how I try to access it -
> i.e.,
> through Start --> System Restore or through Run or in safe mode with
> command
> prompt - and just freezes with a blank white window titled System
> Restore. I
> have checked the log files and it states that the "system was restored
> successfully", although the system was restored apparently without any
> anti-virus software installed - so there must have beena problem. I
> have
> tried to reinstall system restore via sr.inf, but this does not help
> and
> system restore continues to hang the system when I try to run it. I
> have
> uninstalled the Service Pack 3 and reinstalled, but this does not
> help. I
> have checked all posts related to this problem and have tried
> everything -
> please help :)

Jose is correct are digging a deeper hole. His instructions
for registering three files should fix your System Restore blank screen

You will still have other issues from using the restore point you used.
You had AVG installed but restore to a time when you had Norton AV. Now
you likely have the registry entries for Norton but not the program
files, and the program files for AVG but not the registry entries. So
neither anti-virus will now work.

Follow Jose's instructions to try and fix System Restore and scan for

To fix your anti-virus issues, you will have to use the respective
removal tools to remove all remnants of both Norton and AVG, then
install the one you want cleanly.

Go to Add or Remove Programs and attempt to uninstall Norton and/or AVG,
whichever are shown, and reboot if prompted.
When done with those attempts, whether successful or not, run both the
AVG and the Norton removal tools, rebooting whenever prompted to do so,
then download and install ONE anti-virus app.

AVG Remover:

Norton Removal Tool:

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