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thanks for your suggestions, but John John - MVP offered a solution. you can
read about it if you wish.



"Jose" wrote:
> After you waited 10 minutes or so and rebooted your frozen system. how
> did you reboot?
> Power button? Pull the plug? Other?
> Does the BSOD screen also say INACCESSABLE_BOOT_DEVICE?
> The 0xC000034 is an indication of XP being unable to access the hard
> disk or unable to find what it needs, but I'm imagine you will see
> some responses with Google links pointing to the places to read about
> the message but not how to fix it. Generally the readings will say:
> The Stop 0x7B message indicates that Windows XP has lost access to the
> system partition or boot volume during the startup process.
> Most people don't care what it means, they just need to fix it!
> If you still have it in some other system where you can scan the
> afflicted drive with MBAM and SAS that will not hurt.
> I would then move everything in the original hardware configuration
> and fix it there.
> Boot your afflicted system with Recovery Console using either a
> genuine bootable XP installation CD or a bootable Recovery Console
> CD. This is not the same as any system recovery CDs that may have
> come with your system. If you do not have a genuine bootable XP
> installation CD, create a Recovery Console CD.
> You can create a bootable XP Recovery Console CD when no XP media is
> available:
> After you boot into the Recovery Console, for each of your hard disks,
> you should then run:
> chkdsk /r
> For example, from the Recovery Console prompt, enter:
> chkdsk c: /r
> Let chkdsk finish and correct any problems it might find. It may take
> a long time to complete or appear to be 'stuck'. Be patient. If the
> HDD light is still flashing, it is doing something. Keep an eye on
> the percentage amount to be sure it is still making progress.
> Remove the CD and type 'exit' to leave the RC and restart the
> computer.
> Then we can continue.
> .
From: John John - MVP on
kipg wrote:
> John,
> I decided to start with the most simplest of your suggestions ("...replace
> the driver by copying it from the WINDOWS\system32\dllcache folder to the
> WINDOWS\system32\drivers folder.")
> And I must say that this worked. I copied the file from another xp install
> on another drive and pasted it on the problem drive - and my original desktop
> appeared once I reconnected the drive. however it seems that the ATI drivers
> my system utilizes were not found. so my dt looked like it was in some sort
> of safe mode. but i re-installed those drivers and everything was pretty much
> back to normal.
> But now I have no internet connectivity. running an ie diagnosis the error
> indicates that the "winsock catalog needs a reset." i found a fix, but it had
> no effect.
> I might need to post another thread for this issue, but i thought i would
> mention it. But thank you for the initial suggestion - at least i have access
> to my docs/files/mp3s.

You're welcome.