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> 123Jim,
> The processes stay until I reboot or manualy end them. Some do some don't
> that's why I was thinking it was a registry setup. I don't hardly know
> anything about the registry, except that it enables you to turn on or turn
> off various settings of a program.
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> Jim
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>> > Unknown and 123Jim,
>> > The iexplore is not in Applications. It's in processes. It cannot be
>> > Easyshare. Easyshare and IE do not play well together. I have to shut
>> > down
>> > Easyshare in the processes tab so IE works correctly. There are other
>> > programs that do this to that is why I would like to figure out why
>> > some
>> > close out completely and others do not.
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You are correct about settings in the registry but the programs themselves
should have options to stop this behaviour. For example MSN messenger's
default setting is to stay active in the background, but it provides options
to shut it down completely. (messenger is also started again by other
programs, but that's another story).

As for IE I think it is most likely that an addon is keeping it active.

Easy share probably is programmed to stay active after you shut it down ..
look to it's options/preferences if there are any. ( I also wonder if
Easyshare is keeping IE from shutting down completely)