From: Armin Zingler on
Reboot327 schrieb:
> Thank you very much ,that was the perfect jumping point that I needed.
> What I was talking about when I mentioned the (event window) is: Are there
> any ways to monitor the events that are called while running a program in
> debug. Let say I am running the PHONENUM program, and I want a list of all
> events that happen during the running of the program, stuff like mouseover,
> got focus, lost focus, textchanged, and the like. That way I can get a
> better feel of what is happening in the background.

There is no way to be notified about every event because you'd have to
handle all of them. Though, many events are just reactions on windows
messages. A central procedure handling these messages is WndProc. You
could override it and put tracing code in there. But, instead of writing
the code for monitoring these messages, you can use "Spy++", coming with VS.


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