From: Gail on
I am running Exchange 2007 with Outlook 2007 on XP SP3. When trying to setup
the Outlook client through the wizard, it finds the exchange server
successfully but will not allow the mailbox to be created because
authentication will not occur. I have on other pcs in the network entered
the password multiple times and for some reason it takes and the profile is
created. However, it continuously prompts for the password again and does
not accept it. I do have other pcs that will not connect at all. Of course,
the users are authenticated to the domain successfully while trying this
installation. I have tried multiple solutions suggested, like making sure
that the DNS on the server nic is pointed to the DNS server, uninstalling
Outlook 2007 and reinstalling. I have read that there are RPC issues, but
have not found a suggested fix for my situation. Most apply to Exchange
2003. Your help will be greatly appreciated!!