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If you actually read the article, you would have a different caption.


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That seems a rather bitter and resentful view. Things have changed
hugely since Magnum was established. We have moved from a near-total
reliance on print media via a reliance on TV news several times a day
to always-on, near-instant online news media.

Traditional photojournalists cannot possibly respond in the necessary
timescales. The use of stock images and those taken by bystanders on
camera phones is dictated by the speed of response that is required by
today's media.

There is still a place for traditional photojournalism in the more
careful and considered documentary work such as "The Guardian"
newspaper's project referred to in the article.

Photojournalists need to take note: They are not immune from the
changes that have seen traditional working arrangements in print media
swept aside and replaced with 24/7/365 instant online news.

It is ironic that it is the boss of Magnum, an agency whose founder
members revolutionised the art, science and business of
photojournalism before, during and after WW2, is now complaining about
the media having made some major progress since Magnum's heyday.