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> > > Never heard of that. *Sound* of lasers firing? Since when does laser
> > > light
> > > make a sound? One powerful enought that it can ionize the air? When
> > > one even legally fire such a laser? My understanding is that it's
> > > illegal
> > > in all 50 USA states to discharge any laser sufficiently powerful that
> > > it
> > > can cause physical damage to a person. Such a laser is automatically
> > > classified as a weapon. Usually, you cannot possess one or operate one
> > > without acquiring licenses from the state you're in. Typically, since
> > > it's
> > > classified as a weapon, it's a felony for use without a license. That
> > > goes
> > > for just about everyone: doctors/hospitals, researchers/university,
> > > police/military, manufacturers/sellers, etc. Powerful lasers without
> > > proper
> > > licensing is a legal no-no.
> > Uhhh... In the movies or in video games...
> Garbage. You can buy quite dangerous lasers online.

That doesn't mean it's legal. Let's take my state as an example. I've

1) felony to sell, offer for sale, or possess any weapon or device that
emits electrical current, impluse, wave or beam which is designed to
incapacitate, injure, or kill
2) must be licensed by state to use a laser for dermatological procedures
3) use of tasers are an exception for those in law enforcement and a few
other security related or homeland defense professions

Notice that the law in my state prohibits 1) selling, 2) offering (for
sale), and 3) possession. I.e., you don't get to have a high powered laser,
maser, microwave gun, etc. legally. Notice that there is no exception for
law enforcement or military for lasers, masers, microwave weapons, etc.
There is an exception for tasers for law enforcement. Like I said, "legal

As I recall, *all* the other states have had similar laws since the 1950's.
I looked into this quite thoroughly a few years ago.

Rod Pemberton