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I'm a little late in responding, but there's a very comprehensive example


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"Peter Carlson" <peter(a)> wrote in message
>I have searched all the articles and tried various things, but cant seem to
>get this to work. CF 3.5 targetting Winmo 6+. I have a png in a
>picturebox. Then I have another png that is transparent. the background
>is a compass frame and the foreground is the compass rose. I update the
>image like this:
> Bitmap b2 = Properties.Resources.pngRose;
> Graphics gpCompass = Graphics.FromImage(pbCompass.Image);
> gpCompass.DrawImage(b2, 0, 0,
> new Rectangle(0, 0, b2.Width, b2.Height),
> GraphicsUnit.Pixel );
> pbCompass.Refresh();
> However it draws the rose with a solid white background.
> So I thought maybe I need to load the png from a file, but I am not sure
> how to do this in the emulator?
> So 2 questions:
> 1. can this be done by embedding the resource?
> 2. Where do I place the png in the file system of the project in order to
> get it onto the emulator?
> Peter

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