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>>>> I having a problem adding a 2nd internal hard drive. The C drive is a
>>>> Maxtor 250 G, and as a secondary, I'm trying to get a Maxtor 160 G to
>>>> work.
>>>> Both are SATA.
>>>> In setup mode it sees drive 0 and the 250 G size but for drive 1, it
>>>> says
>>>> there is a SATA drive there but everything else is unknown. Both are
>>>> SATA
>>>> so there are no master slaves jumpers. Any ideas?
>>>> Thanks,
>>> You have a power plug for the new drive, right?
>>> There are two cables that you have to connect, one for power and another
>>> for
>>> data. The data cable is a small connector, and the power cable has a
>>> wide
>>> connector. You might need an adaptor to convert an available 4-pin power
>>> plug from the power supply to a SATA power plug that fits the drive.
>>> Any new drive you bought will be unformatted, and may or may not include
>>> a
>>> CD with drivers.
>>> Did you format the new drive?
>>> Sounds like you have a 250G as your existing drive that you boot to. Now
>>> you
>>> are adding a new drive that should show up as Drive D, but could be a
>>> different letter depending on a variety of factors. In any case, open
>>> Windows Explorer and locate the new drive and right click then select
>>> Format.
>>> SATA drives are connected to SATA0, SATA1, SATA2, and so on, depending
>>> on
>>> how many SATA ports are on the board. You want the boot drive to be
>>> connected to SATA0 -- or the first SATA port -- and the new drive to be
>>> connected to the next SATA port. SATA drives do not have jumpers for
>>> Master
>>> and Slave designations, this is determined by the port they are
>>> connected
>>> to.
>> Hi
>> Just want to add a little additional info, SATA drive's do not need
>> jumpers (altho some older models do have them)
>> As for the BIOS information being UNKNOWN for the drive you could
>> actually have a bad drive or there could be a compatability issue with
>> your mobo (this is quite rare but I have seen it once with one particular
>> model of WD drive and a ASUS mobo (cant remember the model numbers,it was
>> a while ago) a BIOS update fixed that)
>> as Jeff has asked can you format the drive or see it in the windows "Disk
>> Management" ? (control panel > Administrative tools > computer management
>> > Disk management) you can also format it from there.
>> You might also want to check your BIOS settings, such as IDE/ATA/SATA
>> detection is set to AUTO and boot order (if you wish to boot from that
>> drive at a later point)
>> JD
> Power & data are connected. It doesn't show in disk management. As for
> compatibility, both drives are Maxtor.

Thanks for taking the time both of you. Working now, turns out I had a bad
power cable.
Joe J