From: Amadej on
Hello everyone,

I'm wondering if anyone has an example UML class diagram for a App.
wizzard generated MDI application (or anything similar) that I could
take a look at. I've been trying to learn how to model in UML and I
just can't figure out how to correctly draw the relationships between
the generated classes. It doesn't have to be in great detail. I just
can't figure out how to draw the correct relationships between the
child window class, document template and manager class and the
document/view classes.

I've been searching the internet for days now and it seems to be close
to impossible to find anything.

Any help will be greatly appreciated,

From: Seetharam on
Have look at the following link:

You need to have MS Visio to reverse engineer code to UML.


From: Amadej on
On 30 sep., 21:25, Seetharam <smi...(a)> wrote:
> Have look at the following link:
> You need to have MS Visio to reverse engineer code to UML.
> -SM

Hello Seetharam,

I tried that already and unless I'm missing something it doesn't
generate class relationships. I know the document you gave me states
that as soon as I will drag and drop two classes onto a state diagram,
the relationships will be shown automatically, but they don't.

I'm working with Visual Studio 2005 and Visio 2007, so the
documentation is a bit outdated. But I manage to find the project
configuration and turned on "Generate browse info" and rebuild the
application (so that the browser info file was generated) before I
tryed reverse engeneering, and still no luck.

Am I missing something here or does this not work anymore?

Thanks in advance,

From: Amadej on
Forgot to mention.

Number of warnings: 0.
Exporting UML model to Visio...
Reverse engineering succeeded.

I found several cases on Google about class relationships not being
shown, but everyone of those cases involved reverse engineering