From: BruceR on
Using olconn2 w/ Lotus 6.5.1. This was working ok except that to start
Outlook, it was always necessary to uninstall then reinstall the connector.
Then the big mistake came when I added an Exchange account to the profile
containing the Connector account.

After quite a few times of use, it has gotten to the point where the
Connector will not start at all, complaining the Notes Client is not properly
installed and the Notes.ini file has not been personalized for my account.

The error message suggests to re-configure the Notes Client providing the
Notes Server name and the ID file password. Reconfiguring the Client does
not help, nor does reinstalling the Connector (yet again) or even updating

Optimally, I'd like to get the Connector working again but, as a minimum get
my info out of the Connector account's .nst file.

Can anybody help ???
Thank you very much for your help.