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I've just upgraded our exchange server from 2000 to 2003 SP2 and the OS
on the server from Server 2000 to 2003 SP1. After the OS upgrade,
Exchange System Manager can no longer edit any properties of the public
folders in our public data store, although Outlook has no problem.

If I try to edit a public folder, or expand the "public folders" node
in ESM I get "The Operation failed because of an HTTP error 405", Error
ID no c1030af4. In the IIS logs, you can see ESM trying to access the
public folder /ExAdmin/Admin/domainname/Public+Folders/foldername using
the PROPFIND and SEARCH verbs and getting error 401 when trying to do
so anonymously (as you'd expect) but 405 when using the logged-in user

It looks like something in IIS is not setup correctly to allow the
PROPFIND and SEARCH verbs, but I've no idea where to start looking -
any pointers on how to fix this? I need to edit public folders
regularly to MailEnable them.

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Hmm, reinstalling SP1 and rebooting appears to have cleared the
problem. Looks like IIS was confused for some reason - IIS logs now
show exactly the same requests being made, but the final authenticated
request succeeds with HTTP 207.