From: Jim on
It can be quite hard to enter the key correctly. All you have found is that
you are entering the wrong key consistently.

The last time that I added a wireless computer to my lan was several years
ago. It took me three attempts to get the key correct even though I could
not see any difference.

"Edward Diener" <eddielee_no_spam_here(a)> wrote in message
>I am trying to connect my laptop via a wireless connection to my D-Link
>DIR-655 router. The router supports the 802.11n, 802.11g, and 802.11b
> The laptop is a Toshiba Satellite Pro L300D which as an Integrated Atheros
> 802.11b/g wireless LAN.
> I am running Windows XP on my laptop.
> Under Windows XP on my laptop it finds my wireless network by its name of,
> let's say, 'MyWirelessNet' and I click on the entry and then on the
> Connect button. It prompts me for my network key and I type in, let's say,
> 'Y2YT5689OPEE' which is the key for my router using WPA or WPA2. I then
> type this in again in the Confirm area also. I press the OK button.
> It then attempts to connect, taking a very long time to do so with a
> message box and a message "Please wait while Windows connects to the
> 'MyWirelessNet' network" and another message below it which says "Waiting
> for the network...". Finally the Wireless Network Connection message box
> closes but I can see the connection has not been made. No error message
> shows anything, which is really surprising, and I am not getting a message
> which might say that it failed to connect.
> I would have thought that Windows XP would have given me some indication
> of why it is not connecting to my router, but I see absolutely nothing.
> Ideas, thoughts, solutions, experiences, or things I might try to get my
> laptop to connect wirelessly to the DIR-655 are most welcome. Especially
> if anybody knows how I can determine in Windows XP why the connection is
> failing.
> If I run a wired network cable from my laptop to the DIR-655 everything is
> successful. But naturally I want to connect wirelessly so I can move my
> laptop around. Isn't that what laptops are all about ?
> I have also successful connecting my laptop wirelessly to other wireless
> router networks. But not to my DIR-655 router.