From: Edward Diener on
Jim wrote:
> It can be quite hard to enter the key correctly. All you have found is that
> you are entering the wrong key consistently.
> The last time that I added a wireless computer to my lan was several years
> ago. It took me three attempts to get the key correct even though I could
> not see any difference.

I tried temporarily removing any security so that no key was required,
and the same problem still occured so it is not a problem with entering
the key. I had also previously entered the key very carefully a number
of times to make sure I was not mistyping.

If only it were entering the wrong key that was the problem <g>. Thanks
for the suggestion nonetheless.

I am still baffled that Windows XP does not even indicate that the
connection failed, with perhaps some sort of reason. I'm a programmer
and that's really lousy programming to give the end-user no feedback in
the matter.