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Thanks for your response. Yes, I had checked the event viewer and it was
giving event id 7031 for the iis admin service and 7034 for the ftp service.
I looked this up but I could not find anything that fit what was happening.

This morning I unistalled IIS and reinstalled and that seemed to fix the
problem (for now anyway). I have to reinstall some other applications for our
ecommerce site so I will see what happens then.

I appreciate your response.

Thank you

Rich B

"Ken Schaefer" wrote:

> 503 Service Unavailable means that http.sys is unable to route the requests
> through to IIS.
> Check that the WWW Publishing Service is started in the Services MMC. If
> it's started, and you are still getting this error, then check the Windows
> Event Log to find out why IIS is nto available.
> Cheers
> Ken
> "Rich B" <RichB(a)> wrote in message
> news:3E5CB981-2804-4EAE-8325-8A8AD08B261B(a)
> > I don't know that much about IIS so if I don't explain this very well I am
> > sorry. We are running Windows 2003 SP 2 with IIS 6. I was having some
> > problems with an application on our web server so I found some articles
> > about
> > running in IIS 5 isolation mode. I made the switch but this did not help
> > with
> > the problem. That problem was resolved and was found to be a third party
> > firewall. So, I decided to set IIS back to use application pools. I
> > thought
> > everything was ok but when anyone tried to access the web site they get
> > "Services Unavailable". So I thought it would be better to switch back.
> > Now I
> > cannot start the web site. If I click to expand the folders I get the
> > error
> > "The connection to the server has been lost. Do you want to reconnect". If
> > I
> > select yes I can see all the folders. If I try to start the site I get
> > "unable to connect to the server".
> >
> > Thank you.
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> > Rich B
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