From: Mr. X. on
I have two forms.
on each form I can delete/insert/update rows on a datatable.

The question :
I want that :
at each new form - only the changes on the specific form take or not take
(I want to commit or rollback the changes from the starting point of the
I can add/update/delete more then one single row.

I didn't see how bindingSource is acts as a "layer", because I need to
delete by datarow object, and not via bindingSource object.
(dim dr as datarow
dr.delete() )

I am using :
BindingSource : for filtering and searching a specific row.
DataTable : adding rows, deleting rows, or update rows to a collection.
DataAdapter : one single adapter for the whole solution, used to put records
on database, without any sql code behinds (using commandBuilder).

Thanks :)