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> So what made you conclude that the Feb updates were the culprits?

Because there is ample evidence if you care to search for them. M$ updates
have become a drain on users systems since September 2009. The sooner these
useless updates are stopped the better it would be for everybody - least for
Microsoft Valuable Pigs.

Thankfully it doesn't affect me because I haven't had any updates since SP3
and I have no intention to change this position in the near future.

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I think you are correct....overheating appears to be the issue I need to
address and backing up is a great suggestion. The damage may be beyond
reasonable repair $$.


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> > Has anyone experienced any problems with XP Pro updates sent in Feb.? My
> > Lenovo T61p has performed flawlessly for 2+years but suddenly started
> > turning
> > off and now stays on but freezes-up. I can't detect a virus and seems like
> > the Feb. updates are all that has changed.
> >
> > I plan to uninstall them….between freeze-ups, unless someone has a better
> > thought.
> >
> > Thanks
> If the system shuts off and stays off, that indicates hardware failure,
> usually due to heat. This doesn't heal, parts are replaced.
> Now would be a good time to ensure that your drive is fully backed up.
> -pk
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